Recap of July 22 2014 Meeting Status of…

Recap of July 22, 2014 Meeting

Status of Modules in progress

  • Child Themes (@liljimmi)

    Tracy added the Module Description and Megan copy edited it and suggested changing “overrides” to “replaces” in the graphics. Tracy will make those graphic changes.
    Courtney will contact @jenmylo about getting the module tested live one more time.

Other Items

  • Copy editing/Style Guide (@meaganhanes and @bethsoderberg)

    Meagan and Beth are going to connect about the Style Guide.

  • Module Suggestion
    @juliekuehl suggested changing subsection title “Skill Level Summary” to something else. Courtney also suggested dropping “Module” from subsection titles.

What do you think? Please put your answers in comments.

What should “Skill Level Summary” be changed to?

A. Skills Needed
B. Skills Assumed
C. Prerequisites
D. Prerequisite Skills
E. Required Skills

What about dropping “Module” from the subsection titles?

A. Drop it
B. Keep it