WCUS Contributor Day

This past weekend we had a handful of folks join us at the Tide table at WordCamp US Contributor Day. Thanks to @valendesigns for helping lead our efforts and to @kkoppenhaver, @croixhaug, @pwtyler, @shadyvb, Charlie Tranen, and @cathibosco1 for contributing their time and efforts to improving Tide!

During the morning and afternoon sessions, we achieved the following:

  • Got new contributors setup and running with Tide locally
  • Resolved some bugs found while getting folks setup and were able to get those merged as well
  • The local install docs (see updates coming in PR#173) are now much more concise and complete for macOS, which was a blocker for 1.0.0 and getting PHP Compatibility results into .ORG
  • With help from the Design, Marketing, and Meta teams we Made progress on the official Tide Dashicon, and hope to see that become available during one of the first few 5.0.x minor releases
  • With help from the Design team we started to define the terms “team” vs “contributor” so we can start to credit people’s .ORG profiles with applicable Tide badges

Next up for Tide is completing issues tagged for 1.0.0-beta2 so that we have an endpoint for .ORG to sync PHP Compatibility results from and then eventually for 1.0.0 to release and begin work with Meta to display the PHP Compatibility data for plugins and themes on the .ORG repository.

#contributor-day, #wcus

No Tide Chat, Attend Contributor Day Instead

With folks traveling for WCUS this week, we’re planning on skipping Tidechat.  If you happen to be around, then by all means drop by #tide for office-hours to chat with any others who are around.

@valendesigns and @jeffpaul will both be at the Tide table at Contributor Day this Sunday at WCUS, so stop by if you’re around and say hi!

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Tide Chat Summary: May 29th

This post summarizes the Tide chat meeting from May 29th in the #tide Slack channel (agenda, Slack archive).

Reminder that the current Tide focus is integrating PHP Compatibility data from Tide into WordPress.org. Once PHP Compatibility is integrated into WordPress.org, we’ll assess the next focus to provide the biggest impact to the community.

Roadmap wishlist

  • Met previously with folks from Theme Review, coordinating to meet with Plugin Review folks after WCEU on how Tide might best help them
  • If you have roadmap wishlist ideas, then please leave them as a comment on this post, ping @jeffpaul directly, comment in the #tide channel, or add your input as an issue in the `tide-issues` repo and we’ll capture them as we work towards publishing a potential roadmap for Tide

GCP migration

  • Working to migrate to GCP and finishing the Queue and Storage providers for GCP this week; Cloud Storage is finished and Cloud Firestore is WIP; implementing local only providers also
  • Testing the services on GCP this week, depending on how the code review and testing of the Firestore implementation goes
  • By the end of the week we should have a local MongoDB queue provider and be feature complete and ready to clean up the repo, test all services E2E on GCP, and release the new version to the wptide org in GitHub
  • Local setup with be Docker containers, one for each service (API, PHPCS Server, Lighthouse Server, and Sync Server)
  • Assumption that being able to run Tide 100% locally should help make setting it up more appealing to contributors
  • Also adding coverage to the wp-tide-api plugin to ensure it’s solid and ready for the next release
  • Goal by next tidechat is to be ready to have people test the new local setup of Tide and smooth out any issues in regards to needing a cloud provider (AWS or GCP)

WCEU + Contributor Day

  • @valendesigns @jrf @grapplerulrich @nikolam will all be at WCEU and Contributor Day
  • Anyone else who attends should consider stopping by Contributor Day as the Tide and WPCS tables should be next to each other and worth discussing and collaborating then

General announcements

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on June 5, 2018 at 21:00 UTC / June 5, 2018 at 21:00 UTC in the #tide Slack channel. Please feel free to drop in with any updates or questions. If you have items to discuss but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on this post so that we can take them into account.

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