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Please use the official guidelines with each theme review and don’t forget to create your own Gravatar as well.

Reviewer Trainees, use the comments to this page to request tickets.

  1. Post your request as a new, top-level comment, so that it is easy to identify.
    Note: requests added as replies to previous comments are easy to overlook as the list grows.
  2. Post your Trac (WPORG) username (note: case-sensitive)
  3. A Reviewer will assign you a ticket, and update your comment, indicating the assignment
  4. Perform the review, and post all review observations as a comment to the Trac ticket.
    Note: reference this guide as an example of how to perform a complete, thorough review.
  5. Once you have completed your review, the Reviewer who assigned your ticket will review and close the ticket.
  6. Once you have completed one or two reviews, and are comfortable with the process, you will be given REVIEWER privileges in Theme-Trac, at which point you will be able to assign and close tickets yourself.

Based on recent ticket reviews, here are some things to keep in mind as you perform your reviews:

  1. When reviewing a follow-up ticket, be sure that you check the previous ticket, and verify that all items indicated as “required” have been addressed. Summarize the fixed/not-fixed status of such items.
  2. Be sure that you clearly indicate what “required” issues are outstanding in your review, so that the developer can identify and address those issues more easily. This will also facilitate subsequent reviews.
  3. When running Themes through the Theme Check Plugin, you do not need to add review comments for “recommended” and “info” items. These are for your reference only, to facilitate your review. Note: you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to offer suggestions for improvements, as long as they are clearly identified as recommendations only, and not required.
  4. For Theme Unit Test-related comments, be sure to indicate the Post, Page, or context to which the comment/issue applies.

This queue is a work-in-progress. Let us know how we can improve it, so that ticket assignment requests are handled promptly.