Team Rep Survey Results

32 people responded to my TRT version of the team repTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts. survey. Here are the results (only showing those that got more than 1 vote).

Who is your 1st choice to be the theme review team rep?

Chip Bennett (chipbennett) 56%
Emil Uzelac (emiluzelac) 22%
Edward Caissie (cais) 16%

Who is your 2nd choice to be the theme review team rep?

Emil Uzelac (emiluzelac) 41%
Chip Bennett (chipbennett) 25%
Edward Caissie (cais) 22%
Tyler Cunningham (SiezedPropaganda) 6%

Who is your 3rd choice to be the theme review team rep?

Edward Caissie (cais) 31%
Justin Tadlock (greenshady) 19%
Chip Bennett (chipbennett) 16%
Emil Uzelac (emiluzelac) 13%
Amy Hendrix (sabreuse) 6%

Based on these results, I’d like to declare Chip Bennett the primary TRT rep, Emil Uzelac as secondary/backup rep, and Edward Caissie as runner-up (will step in if Chip or Emil bow out). Congratulations to the three of you… your hard work is clearly recognized and appeciated by your fellow theme reviewers. I’ll email you directly with some follow-up re the team rep stuff.

Back to the survey.

6 said they would like to come to a contributor summit, and 25 said they would be interested as long as the timing/costs worked out. 1 person said they would not be interested in attending a summit.

5 said they would like to attend WCSF, 13 said they would be interested if the timing/costs worked out, and 14 said it’s not likely they’ll attend.

The comments left in the open text box were in some cases personal and in others suggestions. I’ll make sure that when we start working with the group reps the suggestions are discussed. Once we get things going you can expect your rep(s) to report back to you about news from other areas of the WP project, to solicit your input on ways to improve the team, and to keep you posted on any progress we make with regard to a possible contributors summit.

Thanks for your help!

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