Minutes: 2010 November 13

The WordPress Theme Review Team (WPTRT) had is regular bi-weekly meeting on November 13, 2010.

We covered many agenda items although it would have been nice to see more people in attendance.

From the IRC Logs: the meeting started at approximately 16:12 UTC; and, concluded at approximately 18:22 UTC. Please make sure to read the log files for the actual transcript of the meeting, the following is just a short re-cap of the discussions.

The ideas discussed were:

  • The addition and structure of the Tutorials and Best Practices pages to be added to the https://make.wordpress.org/themes/ web site related to Theme Reviews.
  • The release of WordPress version 3.1 (WP3.1) and its affect on the Theme Review guidelines.
  • Using social media to help promote this “Make” site.
  • Additional discussions regarding the ‘TimThumb‘ script and its use in Themes submitted to the WordPress Extend Themes repository.
  • “Up-Sell” Themes – may be required to under-go additional evaluations with additional requirements.
  • Featured Themes – possible additional criteria to be introduced with WP3.1.

The meeting was much longer than we had anticipated but it allowed us to prepare for the WordPress Weekly podcast (episode 106) where the WPTRT was one of the featured topics.

The next meeting of the WPTRT will be scheduled for November 27, 2010 at 16:00 UTC.