Theme Review Coding Standards Meeting on 31st of May 2018

With WordCamp Europe coming closer every day, Juliette Reinders Folmer from the WordPress Coding Standards team and I decided to have a chat about the status of the current Theme coding standards and the Theme Sniffer plugin.

The current focus is bringing the Theme coding standards up to date with the PHP_CodeSniffer (v 3.x) and WordPress Coding Standards (0.14.1) (open PR #145) and finishing up the rewrite of the Theme Sniffer plugin so that it can be used during the Contributors day on WordCamp Europe.

I’ve written about the meeting in the slack channel, you can check that out here.

A meeting will be held on Thursday 31st, 09:00 AM CET via hangouts. You can add the google calendar events to your calendar by clicking these links meeting part 1meeting part 2, the hangouts link is added in the events, but we’ll provide one during the meeting on the theme review slack channel. Be sure you are logged in with google account, so that we can use built-in hangouts functionality like chat, if needed.

The proposed agenda will be:

  • Talk through the PR to update to WPCS 0.14.1 / PHPCS 3.x & merge. #145
  • Go through all open PRs: PRs
    • some will need updating for PHPCS 3.x
    • some will need updating for WPCS
    • some will need reviewing
    • some might be mergeable (after rebase)
  • Go through all open issues: issues
    • create PRs for those where upstream activity has made it an easy fix
    • determine priority and action for the rest
  • Go through the upstream WPCS issue Add sniffs for theme checks to see:
    • what’s still relevant what with the developments in TRT-land
    • what can be fixed easily what with new sniffs having been added to WPCS + PHPCS
    • open issues in WPTRT-CS repo for what remains
  • Go through all WPCS sniffs to see which if any of the new sniffs added should also be added to TRTCS
  • Browse through upstream PHPCS sniffs to see if there are (new) sniffs we should include.

There is still a lot of work to be done, so we would very much like to welcome people to contribute to this project. Contributors can really help us a lot by testing the new Theme Sniffer plugin. Testing sniffs and contributing by writing sniffs is also very welcome. I hope all who are interested and want to contribute will be there so that we can finish this before the WCEU Contributors day.


2015 Contributor Survey

Hi theme review folks! Thanks for all your hard work and contributions in 2015. Could you contribute few more minutes to fill in the 2015 contributor survey? It will help us establish some baselines around the contributor experience so that we can see how things change over time.

**This is being posted to all the Make teams, so if you subscribe to a bunch of p2s and keep seeing this post, know that you only need to fill the survey in once, not once per team.**

The survey is anonymous (so you can be extra honest), all questions are optional (so you can skip any that you don’t want to answer), and we’ll post some aggregate results by the end of January. It took testers 5-10 minutes to complete on average (depends how much you have to say), so I bet you could knock it out right after you read this post! 🙂

There are two sections of the survey. The first has questions about team involvement, recognition, and event involvement, and is pretty much what you’d expect from an annual survey (which teams did you contribute to, how happy are you as a contributor, etc).

The second section is about demographics so we can take a stab at assessing how diverse our contributor base is. All questions are optional, but the more information we have the better we can figure out what we need to improve. If there’s some information you’d rather not identify, that’s okay, but please do not provide false information or use the form to make jokes — just skip those questions.

The survey will be open until January 15, 2016. Whether you have 5 minutes now, or 10 over lunch (or whenever), please take the 2015 contributor survey. Thanks!

#annual-survey, #contributors