Weekly meeting agenda This week we’re going to…

Weekly meeting agenda

This week we’re going to have a meeting at 18:00 UTC. We have no set agenda, so please add anything you’d like to talk about here as a comment.


Agenda: 2010 November 13

The next meeting of the WordPress Theme Review Team is scheduled for November 13 at 11:00AM (Eastern Time Zone or GMT-5) and will be held in the #wordpress-themes channel on freenode.net

We will be looking at these agenda items:

  • The opening of this site (https://make.wordpress.org/themes).
  • A discussion of what articles team members wish to contribute.
  • Initial criteria and requirements for a Theme to be “Featured”.

Past agenda items that may also be discussed:

  • WordPress 3.1 release and Theme Review related changes.
  • Dealing with Theme Frameworks.
  • Up-Sell Themes and potential new criteria.

Although we are open to suggestions for agenda items, we are also looking to keep the meeting from one to one-and-a-half hours.