Agenda for 2017 February 28

The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday at 18:00 UTC 18:00 UTC


Team Representatives

Matt has asked us to choose three representatives from the Theme Review Team to meet with him to discuss the future of the theme directory. He wants to make sure the tech changes for the plugin / theme directories are in line with what the moderation plans are.

We would like to suggest that @greenshady, @poena and @grapplerulrich would be the three representatives.

Let us know if there are any objections.

Community Summit 2017

In the last meeting we started to discuss topics for the community summit. A list of topics can be found below. The list of topics may change as we get nearer to the event.

  • How we improve the leadership of the TRT team? For example the forums team has one or two team reps and then moderators who have access to further moderations tools.
  • How can we encourage and enable more people to lead new projects?
  • What is the vision and goals of the team?
  • What is the future of the theme review team, can we change it to become the Theme Team and be more involved in theme related activities like improving the theme directory or the theme developers handbook?
  • A set of good slides on the introduction to theme reviewing that can be used for contributor days
  • Improving the documentation so that it is clearer and easier to understand
  • Work on improving the theme author and reviewer experience by analysing the whole theme review process.
  • Improving the review process and focus on quality and good codes
  • How we can encourage creative designs and how to stop more of copy themes which can just be child theme.
  • Future of the theme review theme and making it smoother and faster

Now the question is who should/can attend the community summit. Please post in the comments below if you can and would like to attend to the community summit. Not everyone can attend because of the size limit of the venue.

Current Projects

If you have any topics, then please reply to this post and include the topic, along with a brief description of what you would like to discuss.

New Project: Rewriting the requirements

Project description


Making the requirements clear, easy to follow and easy to check.


This project will not be starting with a blank slate, but make the best of what we have.


In no particular order:

  • Review whether current requirements and recommendations are valid
  • Add new requirements when necessary
  • Reorganize requirements and topics
  • Rewrite requirements to make them easier to understand


Project format, mandate, timeline and meeting times

Suggested format

A smaller project group with a separate meeting time is preferred, that way the Theme Review Team can still hold the regular meetings on Tuesdays to discuss other topics.


The group should have a mandate to change the wording of the requirements and examples with some exceptions:

Project leads/key reviewers should have access to making changes to the actual documents.

Major changes like completely removing a requirement should still be brought up during a Theme Review meeting.

Suggested meeting times

Every other Thursday at 19:00 CET,  alternating with the automation project meeting.

The Theme Review shindigs on the first Saturday of each month could also be used for longer meetings.


The project would need to decide on partial goals, for example monthly or bi monthly milestones to ensure that the project moves forward.


  • March 4 shindig: Requirements that have been voted on but not added,  should be added to the current requirements page.
  • In june, all requirements that are checked by the new Theme Check plugin should be separated from the rest of the requirements.


Our first meeting will be on Thursday, February 23 at 19:00 CET.


  • Introduction
    • Let’s see who are interested in helping out.
  • How can we work on the requirements together?
    • How do we record and share our work in progress? Do we need any external tools?
    • Decide who our target audience is to be able to set a “tone” of our content and level of difficulty for the examples.
    • In what format do we present the requirements, keeping time limits and milestones in mind?
  • Decide priorities for march-april
    • Missing requirements (band-aids)
    • Reordering and regrouping current requirements

March 4 Shindig

Requirements that have been voted on but not added should be added to the current requirements page.

Our second meeting will be on Thursday, March 9 at 19:00 CET.


  • Continue discussing any previous topics that were not finished during the last meeting.
  • Reordering and regrouping requirements
    • Is the requirement under the correct topic or does it need to be moved or placed under a new topic? We also have topics with only a few requirements that perhaps could be combined into one, like Naming and Screenshot.
    • Are there recommendations that should be moved to the required list? For example the Theme and Author URI.


Agenda for 2017 February 21

The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday at 18:00 UTC 18:00 UTC


Community Summit 2017

@grapplerulrich wrote a post about it. We need to decide on topics that we want to discuss and who is able to attend.

It would be also good to discuss how we can keep people who are unable to attend informed and allow them voice their ideas and opinions but at the same time allowing the people attending the community summit to make decisions so to that changes can happen quickly.

Mentoring program

@thinkupthemes is leading the new mentoring program. Checkout the blog post

We are also collecting questions for a frequently asked questions page.

Projects page

As not everyone knows this we have a projects page with projects that we are working on and projects that we want to work on but need people to help out with them.

If you have any topics, then please reply to this post and include the topic, along with a brief description of what you would like to discuss.

Community Summit 2017

What is a Community Summit

The Community Summit is a small, discussion-based event where we hold face-to-face conversations about issues or subjects that are difficult to discuss online. This is not a Contributor Day for experienced folks only, please keep this in mind when you start thinking about the topics (see below). We will gather to discuss major issues; it’s about solving hard problems to keep alive and move forward the project.

When and where is it?

The 2017 WordPress Community Summit (CS) will take place on Tuesday-Wednesday, 13-14 June, before WordCamp Europe in Paris, France (the venue will be in the 15th district of Paris).

Which topics are discussed

It’s up to all of us really! These topics/issues should be relevant for the progress of the team and the WordPress open source project as a whole, and we should prioritize topics which are sensitive enough to specifically require in-person discussion. Comment below with your ideas and suggestions.

Who is going

We are going to review the topics and will nominate Summit participants based on the topics we identify as needing in-person discussion.

Once we have decided on the topics we can work to nominate people who are needed for the in-person discussions. Once we have have a list of nominees we can check with them if they are able to attend. If they are unable to attend due to financial reasons then we can look with the WordPress Foundation for some type of partial financial support.

The selection is based on several factors, including: representation of a wide, diverse range of opinions (based on the agreed-upon topics selected by each team), diversity, inclusion, and activity of the contributors.


  • What should we discuss at the community summit?
  • Let us know if you are coming to Paris and can make the community summit.
  • Do you have any questions?

Automation Meeting February 16

The last meeting was on December 22, where we discussed

  • @miyauchi was working on BDD (behavior-driven development) based review system.
  • @rabmalin developed a plugin to run the PHPCS checks in WordPress
  • @jrf was nearly ready to start pulling the utility functions to WPCS.
  • @jrf proposed that we start add PHP Compatibility testing and define which PHP version themes should support. In a previous TRT meeting we decided that all themes should support PHP7.
  • @grapplerulrich asked for feedback on which JavaScript functions to restricted and which parameters in PHP functions to not allow.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Thursday at 14:00 UTC 14:00 UTC

The agenda for the 16th February will be

  • Short update from the contributors what they have worked on.
  • Define goals for the next meeting.
  • Discuss any open issues and/or pull requests that need attention.

We need help with the following items.

If you are interested in writing sniffs, please DM me on Slack with an issue that you would like to work on and I can help you get started and answer any questions.

Pinging @frankklein, @jrf, @shinichin, @miyauchi, @iamdmitrymayorov, @jmichaelward, @marius2012, @djrmom, @rabmalin

If I have missed any usernames, it’s not on purpose and do consider yourself invited to the meeting.