Become a Reviewer

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Are you interested in joining the Theme Reviewers team? Great! The team is open to anyone who wants to help out, and the process is simple:

  1. Setup a WordPress test environment:
  2. Set Up Theme-Trac Access
    • Make sure you have a user account, and that you can log into the Theme-Trac site using your username and password.
    • Login to the themes trac, and update your Theme-Trac user profile with a valid email address. This is important. If you don’t update your trac profile, you won’t get notifications of your reviews being accepted or not.
  3. Join the Theme Reviewers mail list.
  4. Go to the Trac Ticket Request Queue Page, and leave a comment asking to be assigned a Theme from the Theme Review Trac Queue. Be sure to include your username with your request, so that a ticket can be assigned to you.
  5. Perform a test review (see here for a guide for performing Theme reviews):
    • Once you are assigned a Theme, using the SVN link in the Trac ticket, download the Theme files, and install/activate the Theme on your WordPress test environment.
    • Review the Theme per the process, ensuring the Theme meets the criteria.
    • Attach your Theme review notes, as well as a proposed resolution (“Approved” or “Not-Approved”) as a comment on the ticket.
    • A Theme Reviewer will review your comments, and resolve/close the ticket.
  6. Once you have done enough Theme reviews to be comfortable with the process and guidelines, you will be added to the “Reviewers” group, which will enable you to assign and close tickets yourself.