How to be “Accessibility Ready”

This is an optional stage of the theme review process. Submitted themes (or theme updates) that use the tag accessibility-ready will undergo an accessibility review to check against these guidelines. Themes with this tag may not be made live in the theme repository until they have passed an accessibility audit. You are encouraged to exceed these requirements; these are the minimum requirements for the tag.

Did your theme fail the accessibility audit?
If a reviewer finds accessibility issues in your theme that need to be fixed, you will have the opportunity to update your theme to meet the accessibility guidelines or to remove the accessibility-ready tag.

If a theme goes live without being reviewed, the author will be given 72 hours to either begin the process to address accessibility issues or to update without the accessibility-ready tag. After 72 hours, the theme will be suspended from the directory.

Themes that fail the accessibility review will still be approved for addition to the Theme Repository, but must remove the tag before they can be made live.

Did your theme pass the accessibility audit?
Congratulations! Your theme can be found under the accessibility-ready tag.

You can reference the Accessibility Team’s pattern library for creating accessible themes as an aid in getting your theme ready for the accessibility-ready tag.

Note: Themes labeled as accessibility-ready have met the required guidelines listed here, and should not be construed to meet any level of formal accessibility requirements. Those levels are measurements of content accessibility, and cannot be applied to a theme.