Meeting Notes for Tuesday 22nd October 2019

A meeting was held with the proposed agenda.

The following is the recap of the meeting, you can read the meeting transcript in the slack archives (a Slack account is required).


In the past seven days:

  • 300 tickets were opened
  • 305 tickets were closed:
    • 276 tickets were made live
      • 12 new Themes were made live
      • 264 Theme updates were made live
      • 3 more were approved but are waiting to be made live
    • 28 tickets were not-approved
    • 1 ticket was closed-newer-version-uploaded

We removed some inactive reviewers from trusted lists and added one new reviewer who has the ability to self-assign the tickets.
The trusted reviewers who were inactive for more than 6 month period were removed.

How to make an interest in Review Shindig?

The idea of a Shindig was to inspire people to do more reviews, but also to give new contributors a chance to ask questions and introduce themselves.

One idea was to maybe rename them to ‘workshops’ and make it more about teaching. Also, we could do shindigs where we make introductions about how sniffer works, and how sniffssniff A module for PHP Code Sniffer that analyzes code for a specific problem. Multiple stiffs are combined to create a PHPCS standard. The term is named because it detects code smells, similar to how a dog would "sniff" out food. work.

There was no concrete solution, but for now, we won’t do them until we sort out other priorities (automation tools, etc.).

Follow Up – Featured page issue

The suggestion that was made at the last meeting was that a curated list of themes would be made and that a group of people would decide on which theme gets featured.

This issue was polarizing because of the possible corruption it would bring. How to check the people who are deciding on which theme would be featured?

In the end, the following was decided:

We’ll try with the curated list. Once every 2 or 3 weeks, we’ll hold a meeting where people can recommend themes based on their unique looks, code quality and other merits (to be fully agreed upon by the team reps in the following days). The reps will then decide which to put on the featured list. We’ll see how this works for a few months, gauge what the community thinks about this and see how it goes.

The team reps will hold a meeting where we’ll agree on the fine details about this decision and publish this on the make post.

Other news

@aristath made progress on the color-alpha package. The color-alpha control ended up a bit more complicated than initially planned and it will have 2 modes of operation:

  • Simple (default)
  • Advanced (opt-in)

Both modes look, feel & work exactly the same, the difference is in the way the data is saved.

There are some details in the file and more details/instructions/examples will be documented in the release post on make blog.

The triage meeting will be postponed (I cannot attend it due to personal reasons).

The look of the themes front page was changed to look a bit more like the plugins page.
In addition to styling changes, the upload button was removed from the top bar to prevent uploading themes by mistake – people used to use it thinking that would upload themes to their own websites.

We still haven’t seen a decrease in the erroneous theme uploads so we need to see how to further prevent this.

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