Meeting notes from the 28th of May 2019

Yesterday’s meeting didn’t have fixed agendas, but the meeting attendees touched on several subjects.

WPThemeReview issues

It was agreed that the agenda and a post will be made regarding WPThemeReview standards issues flagged as input needed.
@dingo_d will go through that list and make a post with quick explanation of each issue so that they can be categorised and prioritised based on the release.

Pixelgrade issue

@greenshady agreed to take a look at Pixelgrade theme that had some issues with pulling the plugins from the external source (not The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization.

Additional agenda discussion

@greenshady also recommended that we put several other things on the agenda, namely

  • Possibly disallowing widgets in themes.
  • Giving existing TA’s new brand TA without applying with 2 live themes since only one theme is allowed from all accounts anyway
  • What is the team’s goal, and how the team is run. There are no agenda posts on the blog, no meeting notes, no communication besides the occasional dictate of a requirement. (As if it’s not a team, but a couple of individuals)

Disallowing widgets in themes

The one subject that was discussed was disallowing widgets in themes.
As the widgets are planned to be turned into blocks, this raises the question of loosing user content on theme switch (which is one rule that TRT is abiding by). Also, if TRT would allow widgets in themes, one could argue that custom blocks could also be added in the theme (which is forbidden for the same reason – loss of content on theme switch).
No agreement was made but this is something that should be discussed and a decision should be made about it soon.

TRT management issues

Another subject that was discussed is the management of the TRT. @greenshady mentioned that he knows that people’s lives get busy at times but that we need to have a fixed agenda for the meetings if we are to be productive. Also he mentioned that it would be a big improvement if the team leads would put regular agenda and meeting notes, so that people can keep up if they missed or couldn’t attend the meeting.

@poena mentioned that there was a suggestion to send team leads to leadership education, while @djrmom mentioned that we need more delegation (people in charge of different part of TRT issues like TA program, or approving themes). Also a ‘team manager’ role was mentioned as someone who could guide and manage the leads and the decisions in TRT.

@greenshady also wanted to emphasise that he is not dismissing the work the current leads do (or past leads), but that it’s just the reality of the situation. Most of us in the TRT are developers/designers and not managers, so we are lacking in that regards.

After meeting ended @dingo_d gave his opinion the leadership. The thing he saw as lacking was a clear quantifiable goals with due dates and delegation of people willing to work on them.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives (A Slack account is required).

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