Trusted Authors Changes

As we can’t figure out a way to bring in new reviewers and maybe keep them on-board after the initial reviews, we decided to make a few changes to the Trusted Authors program:

  1. Trusted Authors will need to review 1 ticket a month to be able to have their themes set live.
  2. Not doing a review doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your privileges or that you’ll have to re-apply. You’ll just not be able to have your themes set live until you finish a review.
  3. When you upload a new theme, please also add a comment (in the ticket) with a link to your latest review. Something like “This month’s review: [link goes here]”
  4. Not-approved tickets don’t count, they can be closed for 3 distinct issues. You’ll need to do a full review, set the ticket live if you have access or approve it.
  5. Only parent themes are considered, no child themes.

Considering that you just need to review one ticket a month, please take it serious. It’s 30 minutes of your time at the most.

Some resources to get you started:

Notice: running only the Theme Sniffer doesn’t constitute as an actual review. Please check the links mentioned above.