Theme Sniffer plugin v1.0.0-RC1 version

Following the latest post about the Theme Sniffer plugin updates, we’ve released an updated RC1 version for you to test.

Theme Sniffer is a tool that helps reviewers and developers check the themes they are reviewing/developing against several coding standards.

All the major kinks have been sorted out. What has been improved is

  • Fixed ignore warning issue that wasn’t working
  • Updated screenshot
  • Updated readme files
  • Tested on WP 5.1
  • Refactored callback function for Ajax run
  • Fixed some header licensing checks (#100 issue)
  • Added a way to create a finished bundled .zip file on build command
  • Minor JS glitches fix
  • Bumped the version to 1.0.0 – as I’d like to put the plugin to the repo

You can see the release on GitHub. And you can download the latest version zip file here.

Installation instructions

The installation instructions for the plugin are the same as for any other plugin:

Go to the admin page, upload the zip file in the Plugins menu, activate it and that’s it.

If you find any issues you can leave a comment here or open an issue on the GitHub repo.