Plugin-territory and content creation meeting

On Thursday December 13th at 18:00 UTC, we will have an extra meeting about plugin territory and content creation. 

Theme authors and reviewers are encouraged to attend and suggest functionality or features that they would like to be able to add to themes. We will then discuss whether it would be possible to allow this functionality, and what the best solution would be.  An example of this would be the recent discussion about onboarding.

We will also have the opportunity to discuss specific theme tickets where a second opinion may be needed. 

By making plugin territory and content creation more of a team decision, we will hopefully be able to increase awareness and reduce the inconsistencies between reviews, as well as provide better information to the theme author about why something might not be allowed. 

In case we need help getting the discussions started, I did a quick search in the themes Trac. Here are some of the recent items that reviewers have asked theme authors to remove because they are plugin territory:

  • Changing user_contactmethods (adding social media links)
  • Google maps (using the api)
  • Saving post view count (Post popularity)
  • Sending emails, contact forms
  • Comment rating / comment likes
  • Login page customization
  • Share buttons
  • Header/Footer Scripts section in the Customizer
  • Image resizing
  • SEO related meta tags

-As a follow up, if we agree that something is plugin territory,  we should discuss adding automated checks to block it.

The content creation is harder to search for, the most common problem is the amount of content creation, not specific features.