October 23rd Theme Review Team Meeting Summary

Child Themes

The decision is that themes must have certain uniqueness to be allowed in the repository, voted 10 yea and 1 nay.

More details here.

Team Lead Selection

Unfortunately, there was no official decision about this topic.

Theme Readme

The decision is that themes will use the same readme.txt format as plugins.

More details here.

Removing the “Review a Theme” button

The button will be removed, voted 6 yea and 1 nay. To review a theme from now on, just show up in Slack, say hi, and ask for a theme to review. (Or go the Trac ticket and assign yourself as a reviewer. Preferably the oldest open one.)

Discuss the TwentyNineteen issue

Attendants agreed with the comments in the GitHub Pull Request.

GitHub Pull Request.

Wrap-up for on-boarding discussion

On-boarding will be allowed for few months, with some specific rules. Handbook will be updated with specifics.

More details here.


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Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)