Theme Review Team Meeting Agenda – 23rd October 2018

This week we have a few items on the agenda to chat about. These are open discussion items, let’s hear your thoughts about them.

  1. Child Themes – minimum requirements to constitute a viable change, submission limitations for them in the queue and for TA program.
  2. Team Lead Selection – let’s talk about how leads are chosen, how we can choose going forward and what benefits we can get from open selection.
  3. Theme Readme – can we standardise on a single Readme format for themes to use going forward? What do we want in this, what fields are already required, when should we start asking authors include the decided format?
  4. Removing the Review a Theme button. (@poena request)
  5. Discuss this Twentynineteen issue. (@poena request)
  6. Wrap-up for on-boarding discussion.