New additions to the Screenshots and Featured Images requirements

We added new requirements for screenshots and featured images, make sure you follow them.


Do not use subjective words like brilliant, amazing, best, trusted, etc. These words describe your opinion rather than what the theme actually is. Also, displaying theme statistics in screenshots is forbidden, e.g: top 100, most downloaded, 5 stars, etc. These can’t be verified with certainty and are temporary.

Featured Images

Placeholder/default images for posts without defined featured images need to follow these rules:

  • be generic (solid color, gradient or patterns)
  • they can’t display logos
  • they can’t display text, only accepted form would be displaying the image size, `400x300px`
  • icons are allowed as long as they are not logos. A good example is a `photo camera` icon.
  • they need to be bundled within the theme, don’t use third party placeholder services directly (e.g: ``).