Meeting notes for 2018 March 13

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • Reducing rules to “essential”: There was intense discussion regarding the change in guidelines. Proposal was to reduce list to 3 essential points: licensing; security and egregious issues. Even though several attendees gave input regarding the agenda, no decision has been made.
  • For:
    • This would reduce queue time drastically.
    • This would move some burden from reviewer to theme author.
    • If theme does something wrong, author will be affected by user’s rating, so author would be more careful.
    • At we can run an experiment, for say 1 months and see how it goes
  • Against:
    • This would let pass themes with some currently critical issues like content creation, prefixing, translation ready, etc.
    • It is hard to trust theme authors as we have seen several examples with breaking of trust.
    • If theme passes with issues and later asked to be fixed by reviewer then user will suffer.
    • Even if we run this experiment for some period, we should first set some target and parameters to check after the experiment to decide whether continue or revert this change.