Meeting notes for 2017 October 24

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • Workflow suggestion to improve the review process.
    • Possibility of allowing new reviewers to focus purely on the more basic guidelines, and approve once these are completed.
    • All other checks will be completed by a moderator in the final review.
    • A list of the basic checks proposed can be found here.
    • No conclusion was reached as to whether this should be adopted as yet or not.
  • Review of open Theme Trac meta tickets.
    • Tickets should still continue to be progressed and raised as normal.
    • It was originally expected that Trac would be replaced with a new system to align with the plugin review process by December.
    • As yet there is no definitive timeframe on when Trac will be replaced.
  • Allow theme demo content bundled with the theme.
    • Themes are now allowed to bundle a sample XML file.
  • Image guidelines where children are shown.
    • Images which show children with recognizable facial or body features are not permitted.
  • Limit reviewers to only select themes from the top of queue (or top 5).
    • Reviewers are only allowed to select themes from the top 5 position to review, effective immediately.
    • This applies to both the new (2) and approved (24) queue.

#meeting-notes, #themereview