Meeting notes for 2017 October 10

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • Use of Pixabay images.
    • Pixabay images can now be used with themes, and are viewed no differently than all other CC0 licensed images.
    • Pixabay terms prevent mass copying of the images to create a competing service, this is not relevant to themes.
    • Pixabay terms do not affect the license of individual images, all of which are still CC0 licensed.
  • Appropriate images.
    • Images which show people (particularly children) may no longer be allowed. This will be discussed further during the meeting on October 24th.
  • Theme Sniffer.
    • @grapplerulrich continues to make progress.
    • Anyone who is interested and able to assist please get involved in the project.
  • Ideas for new experiments.
    • @poena suggested removing the “review a theme” button, and instead require new reviewers to request a theme via the blog. In addition new reviewers may want to review the doingitwrong theme before tackling a theme from the queue.

#meeting-notes, #themereview