Meeting notes for 2017 September 26

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives.

Items discussed:

  • New team leads.
    • @rabmalin and @thinkupthemes have been chosen by current leads to be the next team leads.
    • Current team leads will be stepping down sometime in October. Exact date to be confirmed.
    • Plan is for the new leads to remain in place for 6 months. Future succession plans will be decided in future.
  • Core ticket #37661-core. Potential removal of featured section and changes to tags.
    • Plans to improve customizer experience to allow users to install themes from the directory directly from within the customizer.
    • Core have proposed removing themes featured section in the admin area of the users website.
    • Possibility that this will in time lead to the removal of the featured themes section on also.
  • Content creation. (Can themes have content creation if the content is saved).
    • Proposal for an approach which allows for content to be retained by users following a theme switch was presented. This relates to content that would otherwise usually be created via a companion theme specific plugin.
    • The content would be available to the user, presented in the post content of a page following theme switch, allowing the user to easily continue to use the content in future.
    • No changes have been made to the content creation guidelines following the outcome of the discussion.
  • Progress update on adding Theme Sniffer to theme upload page.
    • Next steps are to update the Theme Sniffer to the latest version of PHPCS which is 3.0.1 and PHPCs 0.13.0.
    • New version of Theme Sniffer plugin planned for release once all existing Pull Requests and Issues have been addressed.
    • Outstanding issues can be found here:



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