Agenda for June 27

This weeks meeting is estimated to take longer than our usual 30 minutes since we have several topics.

Meeting times and agendas

  • Since we don’t have agendas each week and because people are not able to participate every week, the suggestion is to have two meetings a month: one with a set agenda, and one with an open floor.
  • The meetings are estimated to be one hour long, compared to the 30 minutes we have now.
  • We will try to document topics that come up often, maybe on the FAQ page or a dedicated meeting topics page.
  • If you want to lead a meeting please DM one of the Team Leads which dates you are available.
  • The two weeks per month when we don’t have meetings should be dedicated to working on our ongoing projects.
  • We would like to remind everyone to please stick to the topics so that we can have productive meetings.


Our next review shindig is on saturday july 8.

Two themes rule

We suggest allowing authors to have two themes in the queue, up from one. This should then be evaluated after one month.

WordCamp Europe, community summit and contributor day recap

  • New reviewer tool -Trac will be replaced
  • Readme file will be parsed
  • No more queue
  • Reviewers will not be assigned to tickets
  • Tickets will not be closed just because there is no reply within 7 days
  • Tickets will not be closed because of code errors
  • Updates via SVN

Discussion: What can we do now/short term?