The goal going forward

The goals for the near future are:

  • Comparing the theme and plugin review processes to see how we can work towards a goal of making both processes very similar so that any improvements made to one will also profit the other.
  • Put a team together to tackle the theme previews as this is a major issue. Ask Matt to put resources towards this.
  • Automation is still a priority to catch common issues and giving us more confidence that themes cannot be shipped that give sites a white screen of death.
  • Define the minimum requirements that need to be manually reviewed for the themes to be hosted on
    • Licensing
    • Security Issues
    • PHP Errors
    • Illegal
    • Dishonest
    • Morally offensive
    • Egregious issues that we haven’t listed
    • Accessibility Reviews will be done after the themes go live.
  • Agreeing to try out a way to get more feedback from users on different aspects of themes and using the extra data on the theme to rank them appropriately in the repository.