Restructuring the Theme Review Team

At the meeting on Friday with Matt, it was suggested that we should have Team Reps who could make the final decision as a direct democracy does not really work well in our situation. A few reason for this is the number of people active in a team meeting and voting on the same issue in another place and time may give different results.

The suggested restructure of the theme review team would be:

Team Reps/Team Leads

  • These people would be people who are experienced with theme reviews and willing to give their time to leading the Theme Review Team forward.
  • Responsibilities would include
    • Leading the team forward
    • Listening to the team opinions and making a decision
    • Communicate with other Teams and Team Leads
    • Help moderators with their tasks


  • These would be people who are experienced members of the theme review team who help out with different administrative tasks.
  • These tasks could involve:
    • Doing final reviews and setting themes live
    • Returning tickets to the queue that have been abandoned
    • Assigning Trainee Reviewers themes
    • Giving a second opinion in tickets
    • Maintaining the requirements documentation
    • Leading team meetings
    • Writing the agenda
    • Fixing issues with themes not going live
    • Removing themes from the repo
  • Depending on what administratives tasks are done access will be provided.
  • All current Key Reviewers and Trusted Reviewers will become moderators.


  • There is no real change here. They can assign themselves reviews.
  • Are able to lead and work on projects and bring ideas of ways to improve.

Trainee Reviewers

  • This is everyone else who can assign themselves a ticket via the assign ticket button.
  • Are able to lead and work on projects and bring ideas of ways to improve.