Meeting Summary: 2016-09-06

We had a solid meeting and covered a good bit of ground this week. You can view the full meeting notes in the Slack archive. A Slack account is required.

Primarily, we focused on 2 big items with additional announcements as noted in the agenda post.

Monthly theme review gatherings

After the success of this past weekend’s gathering, we’re going to continue having monthly shindigs/hootenannies for the team.

Next month’s shindig: Weekend of Oct. 1-2

Ambassador: @cristiano.zanca

We still need to decide on a focus for next month’s meeting. The following 2 ideas have been proposed:

  • Compile a list of common theme issues from shindig and follow up on the Make Themes blog.
  • Live SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at mentoring from admins.

Subject tag limit

Because we’re seeing more and more themes adding upwards of all 9 subject tags, we decided on a limit of 3 subject tags per theme. This goes into effect immediately.

This is a temporary solution until we revisit tags in our big tags meeting in January where we might want to bring in new tags like multipurpose for themes not suited to 1-3 tags.