Recognizing reviewers and their work

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. Zig Ziglar

Today I wanted to do things a little different because change can be a good thing. Today I looked up how many reviews were conducted in the last six months. There were close to four thousand reviews. Yes, you are reading that right. What is super awesome is since the first post ( way back in February ) we’ve had a steady number of sixty or more active reviewers! So many thanks to those who have contributed all the time to help in reviewing those themes. So, now let us take the time to thank the week’s active reviewers. They are:

@AbdulWahab610, @acmethemes, @akhlesh-nagar, @alicelee5535, @amcreative, @andrescifuentesr, @andtrev, @benlumia007, @Blair-jersyer, @catchthemes, @chemiker, @chris_dev, @cristian.raiber, @cristiano.zanca, @cstan, @Dejan-Batanjac, @ecommercethemes, @electricwp, @elschnuppero, @emhr, @Fortisthemes, @george.grigorita, @ggarmo, @HannibalBector, @hardeepasrani, @holger1411, @imon-Hasan, @imranaliweb, @invictusthemes, @ishulev, @jimmitchell, @juhise, @Kenshino, @khaerulamin, @kharisblank, @kkoppenhaver, @k_mehdei, @Litonice13, @lyrathemes, @mebishalnapit, @mh212, @mikeselander, @monikarao, @mrkunau, @mynamevenu24, @oleksandr87, @priyanshu.mittal, @protravelblogs, @psdtohtmlguru, @ptasker, @rabmalin, @rajanit2000, @ranjanrakesh, @ristof, @rmdiaconu, @robertacausin, @rodicaelena, @sebd86, @smartcat, @stevekamn, @sushil-adhikari, @suvanno, @swetashrestha, @tadaimushi, @ThemeZee, @thinkupthemes, @tskk, @webstarsnepal, @WPDevHQ