Review videos

We all learn in different ways. Learning to do a proper theme review can go a long way – not only for you but for others as well. I know this was the case when I first began reviewing themes. I learned a lot by reading previous theme reviews and whatever documentation was available. Often it was the codex but now we have our handbook.

Over the last two years we began a small project. The doing_it_wrong theme in order to help out some new reviewers and perhaps in a workshop. We put out a call for things and some of you answered with great things to include in our theme. We made some changes and progress along the way and yes, we are always looking for more things to include. This can be something as a random action that isn’t hooked properly.

I will throw this out there as well, if you haven’t already, give your input on our most recent poll. This will give not only me but us more information as to how we can truly improve our resources for current and future theme reviewers. The reason I bring this up is because to many of us are seeing a lot of common things being missed. This wouldn’t be the first time it has been mentioned. We are always happy to learn more and share that with you all.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to record some helpful videos in hopes that many of you will learn a little more about conducting a theme review. We urge you all to please take your time and do the best you can with one full review at a time. Yes, I know it is not an easy thing to do but the key here is making sure that the communication between author and reviewers is not lost. Keep all conversation in ticket and making sure you communicate as much as possible. This does mean even posting some thing like, “Hey, sorry got a little busy but was able to look over the includes folder. I will try to get to it once I get home.”

The list can be found here.