19th April Team Meeting

Overall, we had a pretty good discussion in the meeting today. Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Admin notices

The primary focus of the meeting was on admin notices, particularly whether themes could display a delayed notice to users to ask for a review. The result of this discussion is that this is currently OK if the code follows all existing guidelines (e.g., correct capability check, make sure the notice can be dismissed, and anything else that would fall under the requirements).

The biggest takeaway from the discussion is, perhaps, that we should all continue to focus on making a great user experience. Whenever you add something to a theme, it should be for the user’s benefit. Keep that in mind when creating themes.

Following up on reopened tickets

Both the original reviewer and the admin who reopens a ticket should follow through with the items that an admin notes. The admin queue can quickly get backed up when we’re not doing this.

Additionally, admins who reopen a ticket should make sure to set tickets back to the “reviewing” state. Do this by entering the original reviewers username as the reviewer after reopening.

Duplicate readme.txt and readme.md files

There was an issue brought forth over whether these two files are both needed when they have the exact same content. This didn’t seem to be of much concern to the team and is probably not something we should focus on.