The many thanks of the week

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

William Arthur Ward

This week we finally got our auto updates to begin. This is something that has been in the works for quite some time and let us not forget that it can be taken away just as quickly. We are truly placing a lot of trust in this update system so users can get updates and we as reviewers can focus more on teaching and learning from one another about themes.

Let us all rejoice and celebrate! We also have a several people to recognize this week and please don’t forget to say thank you for the hard work in reviewing themes:

@AbdulWahab610, @DenUsenko, @FelixdeJonge, @HannibalBector, @Kenshino, @KostasNi, @Litonice13, @Musilda, @Tearstone, @WEN-Solutions, @WPDevHQ, @acmethemes, @alicelee5535, @ashiquzzaman, @benlumia007, @bijayyadav, @blair-jersyer, @catchthemes, @cristiano.zanca, @cryptex_vinci, @djrmom, @fashblogger, @hardeepasrani, @hazephase, @hostmarks, @iamdmitrymayorov, @imon-Hasan, @ishulev, @jimmy.smutek, @joedolson, @juhise, @justingreerbbi, @k_mehdei, @kevinhaig, @kharisblank, @limestreet, @lyrathemes, @mandeep007, @monikarao, @optimistic_shekhar, @ozzyr, @phillip.nunes, @poena, @psdtohtmlguru, @rabmalin, @rmdiaconu, @rodicaelena, @rohallah, @shahadat16061993, @siobhyb, @smartcat, @sumeetsarna, @suvanno, @swadeshswain, @swetashrestha, @tadaimushi, @tahi1990, @themesmonk, @theonlypat, @utkarshpatel

This week we saw more than 60 active reviews being conducted! Let’s keep this up and together we can knock out all those themes in our queues.