Weekly meetings: time to focus

Our weekly meetings have since the end of last year faded a little. We took some time to talk about this as admins and initially thought about removing one to make this fortnightly. There were a few issues with this, so we talked it out. Instead, we have come up with a new plan in an attempt to really get things moving as a team again.

  • Lets first up move the time to 21:00 UTC, still on Tuesday still. The idea with this move is that more people in more timezones can attend.
  • Next up, admins are going to rotate a lot leading these meetings. With the new time change, this means we can make sure more of us are there.
  • Each week we will post on the Friday here what the topic will be and call for subjects. This way we can ensure something to talk about.
  • Meetings unless stated will reduce to 1/2 hr to really focus things.

Lets consider this an experiment and something we can iterate on later.

The first meeting will be lead by @emiluzelac and be at 21:00 UTC Tuesday 8th March. The subject will the looking at where we are with the roadmap.