Agenda for this week We have a team…

Agenda for this week

We have a team chat at 18:00 UTC in #themereview tomorrow. Lets talk about the Roadmap parts 2 and 3. Lets all try and be there and really start thinking about the directory and new themes queue.

To recap here are those parts:

New upload flow:
This new workflow would occur:
Agree to terms/license (expanded content highlighting good citizen behaviour)
Upload theme
Automated theme check to reject or approve
Approve and tracTrac Trac is the place where contributors create issues for bugs or feature requests much like GitHub. ticket made but theme gets made live
Report button added to directory to allow user reporting
A live ticket queue to be checked by reviewers
A reported ticket high priority queue
Ability to suspend themes from directory and remove completely
Note: there is a lot in the above for all teams to be involved in. We should be adding checks to this workflow to report. That way we can add fixes and review what we are doing.

Note: I am not saying design but focusing on functionality at least now. This should include better filtering, re-considering of tags, ways to highlight the best we have to offer, report button and anything else we can gleam from surveys is good for part one.

Roadmap for phase one