Theme Review Tools

From theme check to test data and beyond, we need to ensure our tools and future tools are the best they can be. This team could also begin looking at what future tools we need and could bring. It might do a lot of experimenting. This should also include the doing_it_wrong theme and any plugins that we may want to recommend in the future. SVN access would come under tools as this is tools for reviewers and those being reviewed.

Currently recommended plugins:

Doing it wrong theme:

Currently recommended unit test:



I’ve listed some editors because some of these are very WordPress friendly when it comes to development and debugging. Some offer the ability to do regex searches to make finding things a little easier and have support for WordPress functions, filters, and hooks.

One thing I would like to see is the addition of some videos on the resources page. I think accessibility videos would be a great addition as well. I know the doingitwrong theme needs to be updated as well as the theme unit tests. If you would like to add, amend, please do so in the comments!