Tracking tickets that need to reassigned

Recently we have had a number of tickets that have needed to be reassigned due to different reasons. The problem was is that these tickets are not easily identifiable as the ticket modified date changes once a comment is made in the ticket. I have created a new report so that we can publically track these tickets as a temporary solution till we find a better way. This report will help us to be more fair as the oldest ticket will be reassigned first. The tickets will be added/removed manually by an admin.

Theme Reviewers: These tickets will be manually reassigned by an admin. Please just ask in Slack to be assigned a ticket.

Theme Authors: If you are not getting a response from a theme author after 7 days please let us know in Slack and an admin will add your ticket to the report.

The report can be found here:

Let me know what you think of this solution. Are there any better ideas how we can track these reviews?