Explaining and giving examples to requirements We’ve got…

Explaining and giving examples to requirements

We’ve got a new handbook page now to start collection some examples and further explanations for required items. It’s been brought up a lot that some could do with having extra information. So, now we have a page right here: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/handbook/review/required/explanations-and-examples/.

This may be a temporary page as we can look to bring in things to the main required page. If we keep this, we do need to link between the two documents. A decision on having these two or merging hasn’t been made yet, this is just about starting to expand and be clearer.

Next week’s meeting will focus on adding to this section. Please bring ideas and content for things that can be brought into this section and really help make our requirements clear.

A little note, we don’t want to call people out in our examples. We all have to learn. If you are going to use a code example use one that doesn’t tie to a theme on the repo. Examples from the theme developer handbook or https://developer.wordpress.org/ are ok to use and link back to.