Global group meeting We had a meeting today…

Global group meeting

We had a meeting today about theme reviews globally.


  • Event promotion.
    Promoting events as they come up. Includes WordCamps, Contribution Days and causal get togethers for reviewing.
  • Country event reporting.
    This is being done through their usual channels per country.
  • Contribution pack.
    This will have a guide to getting started, doing_it_wrong theme and an offline handbook.
    We need focus on doing_it_wrong theme.
  • Getting mentors in areas.
    We saw this pat week how important this was through Nepal and London. We even got a new mentor due to London event.
    We need to encourage people to gain experience reviewing and then they can move onto being mentors. Ideally we suggest 6+ months.
  • We would like to see translations offered on the handbook. This avoids having to duplicate this outside or on another source. It also keeps the team from getting fragmented.
    @feedmymedia is going to look into this.
  • Survey.
    This is on hold while we focus on translations. @shinichin will consider this maybe. It was only an idea.
  • Communication and tools wise we will look to Polygots and how this happens as a community.
  • Japan is planning a contribution day and this would be a good testing ground for the contribution pack and doing_it_wrong theme.