Now we doing_it_right an update to doing_it_wrong

Our doing_it_wrong theme is finally up on github and needs your attention! I’ve compiled a few things that were mentioned in our previous request of things to use for our theme. Below are some of the things you will find erroneous with the theme.

  • Licensing
  • Scripts and styles
  • Documentation
  • Sanitation, validation, escaping of inputs and outputs
  • Miscellaneous or unused files
  • Theme and Author URI
  • Translation and text domain issues
  • proper core functionality ( using core functions the right way )
  • PHP errors

I forgot to include JavaScript errors but that is easily amended and I will be working on that in the following days to get it finished by Friday.

What I’d love from all of you is in the comments below post in some of the issues you see just by looking through the code. Don’t worry so much about installing and seeing visual things, the focus for this is to get more familiar with code review rather than installing and relying on error logs.

Please post below any and all issues you spot and if applicable a file name and number. Really looking forward to seeing what issues you all can see.