Theme reviewing in other languages meeting notes The…

Theme reviewing in other languages meeting notes:

The following post started this:

Here is the archive:

This also comes from what is happening across the community:

There are a few concerns with this:

  • People will want to ask questions relating to specific areas (theme review, coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.) in channels.
  • How do we stop them being noisy if just one channel per language and so much to cover.
  • How do we help translators who bring things to wider team?
  • How do we keep united in a smaller team.
  • People need a place to ask a question that is already difficult in their own language.

I put out some basic thoughts myself as a starting point of talking points. From there we started talking about what others thought in and around those points. Each has expanded notes.

1. We need a roadmap and to stick to it. Mainly because whilst doing things is awesome, this should be a template for other languages.
2. We need to not in doing this fragment the theme review team.
3. We need to keep all resources on make.themes for now. This avoids in part fragmentation and gives everyone a place to be.
We need to make sure translation doesn’t loose meaning. We need to not increase time.
4. We need to not fragment communication channels or social ones either.
We need to be ingenious to avoid fragmentation.
5. We should consider this as a aim big, start small project.
6. We need to use Polygots and their team regarding internationalisation as our cornerstone.

A roadmap needs to be started. A few starting points (some just ideas we talked about):

  • Translation of the new revised handbook is a starting point.
  • We would like to propose forming a sub group to spearhead this consisting of:

@shinichin, @mayukojpn, @feedmymedia.
I will be the helper for whatever they need along with note take during meetings.

  • We need to continue promoting all the events going on in other countries
  • Maybe do a survey to find out what old and new reviewers whose first language isn’t English find are the issues.
  • Community events are really important (crucial). Both for groups, meetups and also having at contribution days. This is a key role in our future as a team.
  • Offline / online groups across the globe regularly meeting to review themes together.
  • We need to think about screencasts.

A few suggested things to consider as foundations:

1. Don’t just do anything. Lets post on Lets talk 🙂
2. Think beyond one language – scale this bad boy!
3. Find a way without fragmenting we can all communicate – so a small task!


  • We need to be ingenious to avoid fragmentation.

Next steps:

  • Next week another meeting will be had, lets work out in notes when this can happen.
  • Work on a roadmap
  • Find out about the channel for other languages and the scaling of this for multiple topics.
  • Maybe do a survey and talk to other teams such as Core and Polygots to find out how they are tackling this.

If anything was missed please those in meeting add to comments here.