Hey mentors and mentees how are things We’ve…

Hey mentors and mentees, how are things?

We’ve had the mentorship program a few weeks now and I’d like to check in on how things are going with people. I have a few ideas also, I’d like to run past to continue the program.

  • I’d like to have a Mentor chat at some point soon. We can then discuss and I’d love to get feedback there from as many mentors as possible.
  • I know people are using a lot of different communication methods as we left that open to mentors. The more though this grows, the more useful having some (if not all) of our conversations in IRC matters at #wordpress-themes. Why IRC? Well it has public logs. This means we get a valuable resource that other mentors, mentees and reviewers can use. Yes, it won’t work in all cases, but for a lot I think it can.
  • It’s worth noting that mentorship does require you are active and engaged with mentees. This is a role where people will be relying on you and needing your awesome help. If at any time you do not want to carry on this role, this is totally fine. Life happens and things change. If you are being a mentor though, be an active one.

I’ll also open up this thread to anyone again that wants to be a mentor but didn’t sign up last time.