Today’s weekly meeting notes This week we had…

Today’s weekly meeting notes

This week we had a general meeting with a lot of housekeeping then a general discussion as things came up.

  • Guidelines are being updated with recommended moving to the right places.
  • We have an about page now listing all the people that are admin, reps, key reviewers and mentors.
  • If you are a mentor you should be active, if you are not we will have to reassign your mentees. Please as a mentor speak up if you are no longer up for doing that role as it’s a crucial one to bringing on new reviewers.
  • Lets all work towards welcoming all the new reviewers because you all rock!
  • There is a meta request for a new reviewer theme assignment button:
  • We’re going to add a blue box to welcome people, This will be at the top of the page like coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. and support have. Using their same format.
  • During wcsf lets try and make the weekly theme review chat have those of us there and those not in one irc chat. Try and include everyone that can be.
  • Theme reviewing ain’t easy so lets support each other. We’re in this for the long run.
  • We need to look at something offline people can do during contribution days. It was talked about having a contribution day pack. What would this look like. What could we do at wcsf community days to work on this? More to be talked about next week.
  • The week after will be new reviewers. How do we onboard people, what are we missing. What is the experience like for them?
  • We talked about how we retain people. We need to use the make blog to recognise people more. Maybe we could do a post each WordPress release to shout out to all the reviewers during that release? (Note: I’m going to try that this release).
  • The weekly figures are now going to have a link back to the 7 day reviewer report to try and bring some recognition.
  • At some point we’ll have a mentor chat.
  • The next few weeks meetings are:
    • 14th October: Contribution Days
    • 21st October: New Reviewers
    • 28th October: WCSF/community open house session where we get as many onto irc as can around laptop if have to.
    • 4th November: Reviewer recognition

Here are the logs: