Weekly meeting notes

Today we spoke about Contribution Days.

For those of you that don’t know, each Tuesday at 17:00 UTC we now have a meeting in IRC #wordpress-themes.

@samuelsidler had a few comments to start the conversation: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2014/09/09/weekly-meeting-notes/#comment-36060

Here are this week’s meeting notes:

  • There are a number of pain points: actual process, and dependency on admin.
  • WC Europe is going to have an experimental format. An introduction to what is WPTRT, a roundtable talk on themes and then get reviewing.
  • We discussed creating a doing_it_wrong theme that could be used as a test. Perhaps this is a project for the SF meet up.
  • Documentation is key. @samuelsidler wants to work on their design and coherence. Everyone was very keen on this.
  • Other ideas to make contribution days included making it a game and perhaps a test format.
  • I encouraged people to think ‘what if’ and create some ideas into prototypes.
  • We talked about how things can scale and be fun. How can we encourage and make contributing easier?
  • We talked about how we can once have a good format reach out to other WC’s and contribution days. This is an important thing to do.
  • There are a number of people up for running contribution sessions for WPTRT. This is great, we talked about how we can make things easier for people and all help each other.


  • We will have a meeting again in a few weeks with the goal of October being the month we focus on making contributions easier.
  • Those of us with ideas will work on them and bring them to the next meeting.
  • The doing_it_wrong theme will be put forward as a project for SF.
  • @jcastaneda will update the docs regarding sane defaults.
  • I will report back from WCEU.

If anyone has anything to add please note in the comments.

The log can be found here: