Weekly meeting notes

As usual, the weekly meeting was held today. For those of you that don’t know, each Tuesday at 17:00 UTC we now have a meeting in IRC #wordpress-themes.

Here are this week’s meeting notes:

  • The topic this week was mentoring.
  • We’ve had a great number of sign ups for both mentoring and those wanting mentoring.
  • By the end of the week a post will be put up here and the assignments will begin.
  • It was noted it would be great to have a meeting for mentors at some point soon. No time was set. One thing worth discussing then would be when and how should a mentoring relationship end. Is it when someone becomes a full reviewer or should it go beyond that?
  • The next topics were discussed. A few topics were mentioned: Contribution Days, Guidelines and Documentation.
  • Next week’s topic is Guidelines. If you have anything you’d like discussed either mention it in the notes here or pop along to the meeting. One point that we briefly talked about was changelog.txts.
  • The week after will focus on Contribution Days and how we can make the process better for WordCamps.