Review Workflow and Closing Tickets

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the review workflow. A few of the newer reviewers are leaving initial review comments, and immediately closing the ticket. While that was our old workflow, it has not been our current workflow for about a year.
Our current workflow is designed such that, as long as the ticket remains open, any subsequent Theme updates that get submitted are automatically appended to the open ticket – which allows for the review process to take place in a single ticket. This process is much easier both for the reviewers and for developers.
Tickets should only be closed under two circumstances:
  1. The developer fails to respond within a reasonable time
  2. The submission is not legitimate (ripped theme, spam theme, etc.)
We currently define “reasonable time” as a week. But in order to make things even easier and consistent, I am asking that reviewers not close tickets due to lack of developer response. This is something that I check for, usually daily, in order to close tickets with no response, or to request a status update.
  1. Do not close tickets due to lack of developer response. Admins will take care of such ticket closures.
  2. Do not post “bump” comments, as doing so impacts Admins’ ability to follow up on idle tickets.
The idea is that reviewers can just focus on doing reviews, and helping developers proceed toward approval; Admins can focus on dealing with tickets without developer response and otherwise idle tickets.