Selective Ticket Assignment and Ticket Hogging

Based on recent comments, I would like to clarify a couple points about ticket assignment.

Selective Ticket Assignment

First, when you assign a ticket to yourself, assign the first ticket in the queue. That means assign from tickets in Priority #1 queue, before assigning tickets from Priority queues 2, 3, or 4. Also, and more importantly: assign the first-available ticket in the queue. Do not cherry-pick tickets based on ease of review, reporter (i.e. Developer), etc.

Selectively assigning tickets is unfair to developers who are required to wait their turn in the review queue, and is a means of gaming the incentive program. Several reviewers have alleged that this practice takes place. We have not monitored it, but we will do so – something that will take even more time, and result in further delays in getting Themes approved and live. Anyone found to be selectively assigning tickets will risk being disqualified for the incentive program.

Ticket Hogging

Until now, we have not set limits on the number of open/assigned tickets a reviewer can have at any one time. Several reviewers have complained that often there are no tickets available, while some reviewers have several open/assigned tickets. So, going forward: reviewers may not have more than 5 open/assigned tickets at any one time.

In order to ensure that reviewers don’t get stuck with developer-abandoned tickets, admins will close tickets older than one week with no activity or developer response. For this reason, it is even more important not to “bump” tickets by posting comments requesting status updates.

Also, while this will be much more difficult to monitor: reviewers should only assign themselves one ticket at a time. Assign a ticket, conduct a full review, post comments, and only then assign another ticket.

Also, this clarification isn’t intended to introduce delays in developers getting their Themes reviewed. Any ticket that appears in the Priority #3 queue (tickets older than 2 weeks) are fair game to anyone. (But if the priority queue system is followed properly – see above – there should never be any tickets in the Priority #3 queue.)

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