Theme Review Incentive: March 2014 Winners

We are pleased to announce the following winners for March 2014.

New Themes

Theme Updates

Please post a comment below, indicating your Featured Theme selection.

Monthly Stats

  • New Themes:
    • Approved/Live: 97
    • Reviewers: 15
    • Eligibility: 10
    • Reopened: 19
    • Missed Eligibility due to reopened tickets: 2
  • Theme Updates
    • Approved/Live: 468
    • Reviewers: 19
    • Eligibility: 117


Featured Theme Rotation

Per the program changes, all Themes but the following will be removed from the list:

  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Twenty Thirteen

Note: review totals are taken as a snapshot at an arbitrary point in time, based on this Theme-Trac report, and varying the filters as appropriate.  Totals are as accurate as reasonably possible.