OSCON 2014

Cross-posting to multiple teams, so apologies if you’ve seen this on another Make site already.*

There are a few days left to submit proposals to OSCON. It would be great to see the sessions there that are about WordPress actually being presented by people involved in the project, so I’d like to encourage/urge/beg some of you to submit a proposal based on your involvement in the project and/or the cool stuff that’s happened on the team in the past year. Almost everyone there has heard of WordPress, and many OSCON attendees use it for personal sites, but the way it gets talked about by the people giving WP-centric presentations, you’d think we were still the little blogging tool that could from 2003. It would be awesome if this year we could change that impression of the software and the project.

The submission deadline is January 30, and the event itself is in Portland, OR July 20-24, 2014. To apply to speak at OSCON, go to http://www.oscon.com/oscon2014/public/cfp/308

*If you are active enough on Make that you’ve seen this post in a couple of places, that suggests to me that you are super-involved in the WordPress project and probably have some interesting stories/insights/experiences worth sharing at OSCON, so go apply! 🙂

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