New WPTRT Admin: Justin Tadlock

Welcome Justin Tadlock (@greenshady) to the Theme Review Team admins!

Justin has been involved with the Theme Review Team for three years, and has volunteered to help with the final audits of New Themes that have been approved, and we’re sure he’ll be a great asset to the team.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and to congratulate all of the Theme Reviewers. It is because of your phenomenal efforts in reviewing and approving Themes that the admin workload has increased enough that we needed to add another person to keep things running on the admin side.

Over the past four months, we have averaged over 80 new Themes per month approved and added to the Theme directory – and that’s in addition to the almost 300 Updates per month for Themes already live in the Theme directory.

We are now a team of over 100 reviewers, with more joining every day, just to keep up with the ever-increasing rate of Theme submissions. On behalf of the developers submitting Themes to the directory, end users installing Themes from the directory, and the rest of the WPTRT admins: thank you, all!

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