Follow-Up on End-of-February Review Queue Push

Last week, I mentioned that the review queue had reached about 150, and suggested that we get together for an end-of-week/end-of-February push to clear the queue.

So, how did we do?

As it currently stands, the review queue is at approximately 50 tickets, with 260 tickets closed in the past 7 days, by 28 reviewers. Special thanks to @gpriday, @nishasingh, and @life.object, who each closed more than 10 tickets each; and @slobodanmanic, @mercime, @labor4it, @jcastaneda, @Frank_Klein, and @Fingli, who each closed at least 5 tickets each.

(Note: you can now see real-time stats for the past 7 days, here.)

As it now stands, we have completely cleared the Priority #2 queue, which means that we have no unassigned tickets older than two weeks. Fantastic job on that front as well, since any tickets that wind up in that queue represent developers who have been waiting at least 2 weeks just to get feedback on their Theme. (Ideally, we will never have any tickets fall into the Priority #2 queue.)

But even better: we now only have 15 unassigned tickets older than one week. While I see the Priority #2 queue as an indication that we’re really not getting the job done, I would love to make it a goal to keep the number of Themes older than one week at zero as well. Getting to the point where the team can turn around all tickets in a week or less, on a regular basis, would be a huge improvement, and would, I hope, keep the developers happy who submit Themes.

So, let’s see if we can get that queue of 50 Themes knocked out (we last saw review queue “Inbox zero” over a year ago, IIRC), and then see if, from a fresh start, we can keep the number of tickets open longer than a week at zero.

As always, thanks everyone for your contributions. We know that this is a volunteer activity, and that contributing to the Theme Review Team takes away from valuable time spent elsewhere.