Child Theme Support

I have just added a draft section to the Theme Review Guidelines, to cover requirements for Child Theme support/facilitation for hosted Themes:


  • Themes are required to facilitate the use of Child Themes. A “basic” Child Theme (i.e. a style.css with Template header tag and @import() of the Template style.css), when activated, should function exactly as the Theme itself functions.
  • Themes are required to include functional and resource files in a manner that facilitates the use of Child Themes:


Based on discussion on the mail-list, consensus appears to be that facilitating end user use of Child Themes is beneficial, so this discussion is the first step in incorporating Child Theme support into the Guidelines.

Please discuss. Do you agree/disagree that Child Theme support should be added to the Guidelines? Are the above Guidelines sufficient? What should be added/removed/changed? What about pluggable/filterable functions?

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