WPTRT IRC Review-In: Saturday 28 Jan 11

As proposed by a few of the Theme Review Team members, the WPTRT will try something new tomorrow: an all-day IRC Theme Review-In!

As Amy Hendrix describes:

The model I have in mind is https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Bug_Hunts

  • This isn’t a meeting with an agenda: it’s a group work day. Drop in for as long as you’re available, and get as many reviews done as you can during that time.
  • The goal is to crunch through as much of the queue as possible while helping and learning from our peers.
  • All reviewers, however new or experienced, can bring questions about how to handle particular issues. Absolutely no penalties for admitting you’re stuck ūüėČ
  • Themers, you’re welcome to join in the discussion, try your hand at¬†reviewing, or just lurk and learn the process. However, please *don’t*¬†use this time to ask about when your own theme will be done — we’re¬†taking everything in queue order, and we’d most likely just encourage¬†you to sign on to review a few themes.
  • For new or potential reviewers, more experienced people will try to¬†help out as much as we can with getting started, working with trac,¬†setting up your test environment and the like.

So, that’s our model. The “official” start time will be 1700 UTC / 12:00 noon EST; however, if you’d like to start earlier, please feel free! Whomever is available will hang out at the #wordpress-themes IRC channel. Our goal will be to clear out the Priority #2 queue entirely. (The Priority #2 queue currently stands at 100, so this is a very big goal! However, if every person with Theme-Trac ticket privileges completes one review, we will almost entirely wipe out the queue.)

We’ll see how this goes, and assuming it goes well, we will try to make these a regular occurrence.

Come and join us!